I’m an 21 years old German girl but I live since I was four in Mallorca with my family. During my design studies at the UPC I’ve been increasingly interested in simple product design, specially furniture or accessories and mechanical items. Applying this knowledge attempt to bring clarity to objects and bring me up so what the user can interact in the best way on it.








Hello, I´m a 21 years old French guy. My shool is mainly a mechanical shool but I also study civil , industrial, electrical and materials ingineering. But i recently choose civil engineering as my specialization.







Hi, my name is Tomas Kadlec and was born in the Czech Republic, but I grow up in Austria. I was study mechanical engineering and I finished in 2013. Now I am study Urban Renewable Energy Technologies in Vienna. I am very interested in electricity production on a renewable way, because I my opinion it is important for the future to protect the environment.







Hi my name is Ceylan Munar and  i am 27 years old. I come from Hamburg /Germany but original I come from turky but i was born in Germany. As a young motivated engeenier on sales and purchaising, marketing and logistik management. I am willibg to make different experiences and face new challenges during the eps programme.







I am 27 years old and  I am from Spain. I studied Technical Mechanical Engineering in Malaga, also I did a Masters on Project Management as well as Mechanical engineering in Valencia. I am very insterested in Energy, and not only in its efficiency, but in the production, transport, so on. I like sport, music and to meet with my friends.